2017-02-11 16:54
by fedepede04
Outrun New Years Demo

Outrun New Year music demo for the Atari ST 2016-2017

Hi I have recreate the music from Outrun to the Atari ST.
all the music is Converted by me (Peter Jørgensen aka. fedepede04 aka bionic nerd).
using a special version of Project Ymer, that can exported its tracker scores to YMT files.
It is Pure YM2149 Sound, no Samples, no Sid, Synth Wave, or Phaser sounds.
Download file Here

Outrun Passing Breeze

Splash Wave

Magical Sound Shower


master32 2017-02-11 15:25 ^ 384

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i love theese square tunes. street fighter ii is also very great.
fedepede04 2017-02-11 16:53 ^ 385

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thx, for me real computer music is chiptune, not samples :)
i don't think that i can recall Street Fighter, but i have to look it up.

master32 2017-02-12 07:59 ^ 386

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yes samples are no chiptunes. oscilators have to run .
i think street fighter ii is native, there should be no samples or tricks.
you know sndh archive? and JAM Player from Cream HQ?

excellent player also for other chiptine format , example c64 sids and pokey atari.

fedepede04 2017-02-13 14:02 ^ 388

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yes i know of sndh and Jam player, i have not use it much, i have been playing much more with the (YM
format) ST-Sound. my YMT format is based on ST-Sound formatted.
most of my computer life since around 1985 and to present, have been around computer synth music, and
personally i not very good of making music, I do a lot better with sounds :)