2013-08-30 12:00
by fedepede04
Power-Fm Synth Tracker

Power-Fm is a 2x2 operator Fm synth tracker.
programmed by Peter Jørgensen (Denmark), 2013.

It is inspired by the Opl3 sound chip and my old Opl3 DOS-Tracker (Master Player). so i have try to keep the editor in the old DOS spirit.
the synth engine is not Opl3 compatible, it share some of the things from the Opl3, but it is more advance in other places.

The Score editor.

Score-based layout (no-patterns)
100 Step undo buffer.
64 Cue points.

more to come.

The Synth editor.

Instrument can contain two sounds with each two operators.
Graphical instrument edit
Fm mode, Additive Mode and in Additive Mode, you can also chose between two different type of ring modulations
23 Different sound wave forms
Modulation Multiply factor (The output of the modulation can be multiply from 1x8)
Cross and fine tune
One sub oscillator per operators
Opl3 Amp Modulation
Programmable Vibrator
With 12 Different wave forms
Normal or One shot mode
Programmable Amp modulator
With 12 Different wave forms
Normal, Step or One shot mode
Advance Bend function.

Stereo panning.
Instrument volume.

More to come.

Download beta:
Coming Soon

My Youtube channel

Links to videos on youtube:

Score Name "BT-MIX" By Peter Andersen..

Score Name "Prutter dyii" By Peter Andersen..

Score Name "Toxicate" By Peter Andersen..

Score Name "Final Blow" By Thomas Canell..


bitman 2013-08-30 19:31 ^ 221

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Wow, excellent, good job smiley
How about a howto-movie showing the prcess of making own musik using your tracker ?
I would give it a try


fedepede04 2013-08-30 21:52 ^ 222

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Thanks :)
it is still not finish, so maybe in time.
right now i am struggle to get the beta finish..

master32 2013-08-31 11:17 ^ 223

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very interesting.

so i can use my old dos pc which i reactivated some weeks ago.

ican test with many audio cards like sb 16 , clone, awe 32 awe 64, ultrasound,and some midi cards, and extensions.

fedepede04 2013-08-31 11:55 ^ 224

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no you need a new system, with a least win2k on.
it is just made to look like my old program. and it can import the score from it. but the sound from the old program have to be remade, due to that the new one is not opl3 compatible.

link to my old dos program...

master32 2013-08-31 13:40 ^ 225

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fedepede04 2013-08-31 19:37 ^ 226

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you are welcome